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3525 Karikal Drive, Westerville, Ohio, 43081

Let’s be happy and smiling together

Watan Montessori Childcare continuous diagnostic gathers as much information as possible about students’ knowledge in order to recommend the skills that will challenge them at just the right level and help them grow the most. Building a growth mindset in RCC students inspires them to see challenges as opportunities.

About us the ideal environment for kids to feel safe, loved, and accepted as they try new ideas, develop academic skills and imitate adult roles. We learn through play and believe that play makes it possible for children to learn social skills and develop friendships.

Exploring, discovering, questioning, and guessing–these are all important activities that engage young children. When children play, they become active decision-makers in their own scenarios. Watan Montessori Childcare promotes the development of the whole child through play.

Our intimate, nurturing environment is well suited for working in both small and large groups, as well as individually, to manipulate, solve problems, and interact. At the end of the day, we know that children are adept knowledge builders who apply what they’ve learned to different situations. We believe this is their foundation for the future.

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